Post-Pandemic Body Anxiety goes to the Beach

Summertime and the living is full of body anxiety! The opening of pools and beaches coinciding with post-pandemic body changes is sending worries about body size and shape to an all time high. 

You are not alone!

So how about practicing feeling comfortable in your body, as a practice, BEFORE you step up to your swimsuit. I know that sounds like a lot to ask. It’s okay if you are not feeling it. Maybe save this for later when you are feeling ready. 

If you are interested, and feel ready, this is my go-to practice:

1-Choose an article of clothing that you feel most comfortable in. 

2. Slip it on when you are feeling relaxed and at ease. 

3. Walk around in a space where you feel comfortable and at ease (alone or in supportive, loving company). 

4. Then sit in a chair, on the bed, on the floor. Move your body in ways that your body likes to move-whatever feels good to you: Lie down, lean back, fold forward, stretch out. 

5. Do all of this without looking AT your body. Do this with the intention to see what it feels like to be IN your body. 

6. Check in. How do you feel? What bubbles up for you? Can you add one more drop of kindness to the way you are relating to yourself?

Repeat with another article of clothing or swimsuit IF you are feeling it.

Or take a break and try again later. 

I would love to hear how this goes for you! Sweet and Easy Summertime Wishes to you🌞