What To expect Downstream (from your New FOod Rules/Diet Plan)

Yes, it’s that time of year when the wellness/diet industrial complex takes advantage of you! If you are feeling like you need to do “damage control” following the holidays, I see you! The combined forces of cultural and family beliefs, familiar patterns, the wellness industry, and the medical-industrial complex are all pressing in on you. … Read more

Preventing Eating DiSorders as we head BACK-TO-SCHOOL

If you are spinning with “back-to-school” overwhelm, I see you.

Navigating our way back to in-person experiences, all at once, all together now, is creating anxiety for everyone-students, parents and guardians, teachers, and administrators alike. Coping with the stresses of returning to school during this prolonged pandemic is tough on everyone’s mental health. Disordered eating and exercise patterns many times develop as ways to cope during times of stress. The times we are living is placing our kiddos at greater risk of developing a disordered relationship with food, eating, exercise, and their bodies. We have evidence of this with the demand for treatment locally, state-wide and nationally far exceeding our resources at both out-patient and in-patient levels.

There are action steps we can take to raise kids with more eating competency and body confidence!

Post-Pandemic Body Anxiety goes to the Beach

Summertime and the living is full of body anxiety! The opening of pools and beaches coinciding with post-pandemic body changes is sending worries about body size and shape to an all time high.  You are not alone! So how about practicing feeling comfortable in your body, as a practice, BEFORE you step up to your … Read more

Krispy Kreme’s Intuitive Eating/Habituation Lab

You’ve heard about Krispy Kreme’s campaign to support Covid-19 vaccinations-and the fat phobic backlash, right? If I ever needed more evidence that our culture has a disordered relationship with food and bodies, here is another painful illustration. I’m not going to contribute to that conversation. I refer you to the brilliant @fatmarquisele and @kbermyk for … Read more

Staying Your Course in the New Year

I’m having a hard time knowing where to start and where to stop.  The lines have grown fuzzy, the waters muddy, and my focus keeps jumping the track.  I vacillate between feeling like I am overflowing and depleted.  I’m not sure that I can blame this on this most bizarre of years. Maybe it doesn’t … Read more